Not being able to work due to injuries sustained can be stressful. When you aren’t sure about how or when you will recover, it only adds to the stress. Once the Short-term disability period is over and you are still not able to go back to work, you have to apply for a long-term disability claim. Often these claims tend to be rejected by the insurance company. Just knowing this can make the procedure daunting. Whether you are applying for a long term disability claim or your claim has been rejected, you need to reach out to At this time, it is important to have a lawyer by your side. Their unparalleled knowledge will help you to fight for the denied claim. During the process, they will educate you about your rights and the legal options available. When filing the claim, it is essential to have your basics cleared. 

What are some of the policies for Long-term disability?

Disability Insurance Policies and Critical Illness Policies are considered as ‘peace of mind contracts. When you have either of the policies, you pay a portion of your income. This portion is used in case you become disabled and are uncle to work due to injury, illness or any critical illness. The criteria are stated in the policy. There are individual plans in which the person pays the premiums privately. On the other hand, there are also group plans and policies which are included as a part of the employment package. 

When is one entitled to a long-term disability claim?

Mostly, a person will qualify for the claim when they have been unable to perform any substantial duties in their occupations for 24 months. This inability to perform continues beyond 24 months. It could be due to a severe or prolonged disability.

Why is the claim denied?

When the claim has been denied, you might find yourself wondering why. A common reason is the lack of medical proof of the disability and/ or lack of medical attendance. Having a lawyer will help to make this easier. They will request proof from your treating physician. If that doesn’t help, they will use their resources to send you to professionals who will assess and prove disability. 

What happens when the claim is denied?

 It is common knowledge that insurance companies, CCP and WCB have a policy of denying long-term disability claims. They usually do that, believing that a large percentage of the claimants will not pursue the matter further after it has been denied. When the denied claimants hire a lawyer and pursue the benefits which they are entitled to, have a higher chance of receiving them. If you have been denied your claim, it is essential to reach out to a lawyer. The claimants who are wrongfully denied claims are often left on their own without any assistance during this stressful time. A lawyer will help you fight for your claim and even press punitive or aggravated damages due to the breach of trust that came with the denial.