Man is filling in Disability insurance form.

Common Misconceptions Concerning Long-term Disability Claims – Florida

To be prepared to take on the insurance company, it’s essential to educate yourself on the facts and myths that surround long-term disability claims, rejections, and appeals in the first place. These myths are perpetual. So don’t be afraid; instead, be wise. A nationwide long term disability claims lawyer can assist you in your claim and the hassles that come along. 

  • Myth 1

If you apply for long-term disability benefits and complete all of the insurance company’s paperwork, you will be handled properly and be eligible to receive payments.

  • Fact

Long-term disability insurance firms are in the business of providing coverage to generate money. They gain money by refusing claims and giving claimants as little money as possible once a claim has been denied.

  • Myth 2

If you were refused benefits, all you have to do now is write a long letter to the insurance company explaining how you became disabled and why you should be entitled to payments. The insurance company will probably be convinced.

  • Fact

In most cases, being fair or writing lengthy, comprehensive letters will not result in you receiving long-term disability compensation.

  • Myth 3

Insurance companies that send you additional documents or need you to submit an “activity log” do so because they want to pay your benefits and merely require further information.

  • Fact

The insurance company is likely attempting to find a cause to reject your claim if it sends you more paperwork or requests further information.

  • Myth 4

It is automatically granted to you if you have previously been given Social Security disability benefits, and you are also eligible to receive long-term disability benefits.

  • Fact 

Long-term disability plans issued by insurance companies are not bound by the judgment made by the Social Security Administration when determining eligibility for payments.

  • Myth 5

You do not need the services of an attorney to file an appeal against a rejection of an ERISA long-term disability claim.

  • Fact  

Hire an ERISA long-term disability attorney because these appeals are sophisticated, and the legislation is constructed in a manner that significantly benefits insurance companies in these situations.

  • Myth 6

Sine long-term disability claims are treated the same as any other legal matter, any lawyer may successfully represent you in your claim.

  • Fact

A small number of attorneys handle ERISA long-term disability claims and appeals. These cases, as well as the attorneys who handle them, are distinct.

If you have questions concerning your long-term disability coverage, your claim was unattended, or a refusal letter arrived in your mail, you may be wondering what to do next. Call an experienced LTD attorney to learn what you can do to ensure that your appeal is granted. Stringent deadlines apply to such matters, so don’t delay!